On the eastern side of Slovakia, south-east of Humenné, there is a small village called Ptičie.

Ptičie is situated in a valley, between two hills Humenská on the north side and Čierna on the south side. There are a lot of rocks and others natural creations which make it a peaceful and beautiful place.

At the present time Ptičie has 660 inhabitants. They live in 154 single family houses and 6 apartment houses. The mayor of the village is Marián Čorný.

Ptičie has a very rich history. The document, which is archived in a Zemplín's archive, is about the settlement Peteche in 1273 and about the domicile in 1451. In the chronicle it is mentioned the castle Peteche which gets Jáko from Michalovce, the forefather of Sztáray's family, from the king Štefan. Since the half of 17th to 19th century Ptičie owned a Csáky's family, later Szapary's one.

In the village there is the Roman Catholic Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary. The church was built in 1802.

From 1900 to 1910 many people moved to the USA, Canada or Argentina to find work. The famous film star Paul Newman descended from one of these families.

Ptiče remembers The Second World War. The village had been freed on 25th of November 1944.

In 1951 there was a destructive flood in the village. The bridge, some houses and many trees were washed away. This flood lasted about 3 hours, then the rain stopped and the water receded. There was no other record of any flood before 1951.

The rich history says a treasure of 237 Celtic coins having the weight of 2,9 kg.

The name of village comes from Hungary (Peteche) or from Slovene's word "Ptička" which means the bird. In the local woods there are many beautiful birds.

The cultural life represents the vocal group "Hačure" and an actions organised by the village's office. The most popular sport in Ptičie is football (soccer). We have our own football club. On the land of Ptičie was built a sanatorium for physically and mental stricken children and the sanatorium for the pulmonary illnesses. This hospital was built here because of the clean air.

We hope you will visit our village and see how beautiful it is.

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